The lifeblood of any institution is its library. As the repository of knowledge it serves as the intellectual hub of all academic activities. Spicer Adventist University can boast of a large central library with its huge collection of books, encyclopaedia, magazines, newpapers, periodicals, research projects and other holdings. There are spacious reading rooms where students can study peacefully on all working days and nights including Sundays. In addition to this there are separate individual libraries for the Division of Arts, Business, Commerce, Education, Music, Religion and Science.

Ellen G. White Research Centre
Ellen Gould White played a unique role in the establishment, development, and organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which owns and operates Spicer Adventist University. Ellen G. White is believed by Seventh-day Adventists to be God’s special messenger to the Church. Thus what she spoke and wrote have become guiding principles for the Church’s life and mission, including the operation of its educational institutions. In 1985 the church established an E. G. White and Adventist Research Centre at Spicer. The centre houses her published and unpublihed works, books and journals on Adventist Church History and Philosophy in addition to one of the world’s largest and oldest copies of the Holy Bible.

Reading and Learning Skills Centre
The Reading and Learning Skills Centre is primarily a support facility to the instructional programme of Spicer Adventist University. The centre makes available special materials and methods to help students improve reading and/or learning skills. Classes are conducted to increase speed in reading and in techniques of studying more effectively. The centre provides a laboratory for the development and testing of materials to be used in teaching and reading. A future aim of the centre is to render service to the community children and adults who have reading and / or learning problems.

Teaching Material Centre (TMC)
The Teaching Material Centre, operated by the School of Education, houses instructional materials. These include books, charts, flannelgraph materials, games, maps, musical instruments, pamphlets, pictures, slides, etc. Certain audio-visual equipment are also available. The facility is especially designed for use by student-teachers as well as professional teachers, but the facility is open to all.

Institute of English
Since Spicer Adventist University is an English speaking campus the community looks upon it for developing spoken English skills. For this reason and for the

benefit of its students which come from different constituencies and countries, the university administration has started an Institute of English. This centre attracts many foreign nationals and is the favourite destination for international students.

Health Services
Spicer Adventist University recognizes the fact that success in college as well as in later life is founded upon sound health. Through periodic physical examinations the Student Health Centre endeavors to detect and eliminate, wherever possible, those physical disabilities which could hamper students in their academic career. A dispensary is operated under licensed nurses and regular consultantes.
An infirmary is also operating for students needing infirmary care. Qualified doctors are on call as needed. In case of serious illness, provision can be made for hospital care of students at nearby hospitals where complete medical and surgical facilities are available.

Student Center
The new buliding added with various utility facilities such as the canteen, conference hall, counseling and guidance centre, dispensary/infirmary, guestrooms, gymnasium, internet centre, recreation rooms, sportsroom, store, Work Education department, etc, on the western side of the campus is a boon not only to the students, visiting parents, and other guests, but also to the staff and faculty of the university.

The Confectionery of the Spicer Adventist University prepares and serves internationally acclaimed healthy and wholesome food items and drinks and is a favourite not only among the faculty, staff and students, but is a craze among the local population.

Children’s Park
The Children’s Park on the eastern part of the campus is a great recreation centre and boon for the campus children.


Conference Hall

Counseling and Guidance Centre




House Of Prayer

Internet Centre

Post Office

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Xerox Room


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